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Are you a Professional Freelancer? Do you want to earn income while working from home?

Are you tired of the 8am-5pm jobs and  disgusting road traffic morning and evening? Do you have the skills and expertise required to meet the high-level service demands of most businesses? We can engage you while you work from the comfort of your home using your computer and internet only.  Accountants, Architects, IT Professionals, Professional Secretaries, Graphic Designers, Linguists and others work with us on freelancing basis.

The workplace is fast shifting to the much more modern remote work, which gives people the freedom to work at their convenience. To reduce the effects of unfavorable economic conditions, many companies, in a bid to cut costs and reduce management time, are doing away with in-house staff which costs more and yet, inefficient.

BETTER OUTSOURCING  is a professional virtual workplace that puts the freelancers first. Unlike freelancer marketplace models, we work only with professional pre-qualified freelancers, who get access to a constant stream of incoming projects to choose from. 

Some Of The Projects On Demand

  • PowerPoint & Graphic Design.

  • Web Design & Software Development.

  • Content Writing, Editing, Proofreading.

  • Animations, Presentations, Interactive 2D & 3D, Printing.

  • Typesetting, Document Layout & Formatting, Multilingual Desktop Publishing, PDF Conversion. 

  • Data Entry (including for accounting and tax), Data Conversion & Form Filling. 

  • Software Troubleshooting 

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Email Subject Line Format For Submitting Resume: AREA OF INTEREST + RESUME + YOUR NAME  + DATE (e.g. DATA ENTRY RESUME ALICE MARK 20.6.2018)